About Us

Can-America Life Care (www.califecare.com) founded in 1980. At the beginning, the company was in the business of massage cushion and rolling massager, and now the company is developing as the famous healthcare product brand from Asia to the North America.
Enhancing your Well-Being is our basic element at Can-America Life Care. The professional service regarded as the goal. We sell  massage chairs, personal healthcare products and rehab equipment.
Can-America Life Care has over 30 years of experience in developing innovative and reliable healthy lifestyle products, and offering the most convenience and comfortable service is the heart of topic.
Our massage chairs are not only focus on relax and rehab, but also pay attention on the fashion. If you bought a massage chair in our company before, and you would like to use the old massage chair upgrade to the newest massage chair, you will have a big discount.
We thank you for your interest in discovering the benefits of our products.

Location265 Hood Road,Unit 2, Markham.ON. L3R 4N3
Tel: 905-940-3330